Keep the hackers out. Secure your digital life.
Introducing ArmorTap. A small device that does BIG things.
Don't let this small device fool you

What are your devices up to
when no one is looking?

Smart devices are taking the world by storm. But if you're not careful those same devices can be used against you. Start protecting your castle today!

Start protecting yourself now

Protects all your devices

Whether it's your lights, cameras, tv's or something else entirely it will be protected by ArmorTap.

Always up to date

Hackers never sleep, that's why we're always pushing updates to your ArmorTap unit.

Easy to use

Just because security and privacy are complicated, doesn't mean you need a complicated product.

How will you be more secure?

Privacy Cloak

Under recent legislation your ISP can sell your personal information for profit. ArmorTap's Privacy Cloak technology makes your personal information invisible to prying eyes.

24/7 Protection

Hackers never sleep and neither does ArmorTap. Attacks are detected and thwarted, even while you're sleeping.

Stay Informed

Get notified of security concerns only when there's a problem, we don't believe in spam.

Homes w/devices
armortap = peace of mind

Just because you're not a security expert doesn't mean you can't be secure. That's why we're building ArmorTap, it protects your security and privacy online. And it comes in a nice little package.

Have a question in mind?

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does this device work?

ArmorTap is designed to connect to your existing wireless network. You can then connect all of your devices to ArmorTap thus keeping them on an isolated network. Best of all ArmorTap can wirelessly connect to your network so it only requires a power cable.

3. Does this device protect my identity on the internet?

All devices that connect to ArmorTap will connect to our secure VPN network thus making your online activity private.

2. What is the range?

ArmorTap was designed to have similar range to other wireless routers on the market which should sufficiently cover most family homes.

4. How do I know this service will be around for years to come?

ArmorTap is backed by Jacobian Engineering, an information security company that has been in business for over 12 years. We don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.