About Us
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Our Office

Our firehouse is located in Oakland, California near the heart of Silicon Valley.

As an employee-owned company, we're invested in making the world a more secure place. That starts with making security and privacy tools accessible to the masses.

Yes, there's a pole

No firehouse would be complete otherwise.

Crew quarters included

For those late nights we've got an extra room.

Established company, established building

The firehouse is a historical landmark. It was only fitting that we established our presence here.

How will you be more secure?

Privacy Cloak

Under recent legislation your ISP can sell your personal information for profit. ArmorTap's Privacy Cloak technology makes your personal information invisible to prying eyes.

24/7 Protection

Hackers never sleep and neither does ArmorTap. Attacks are detected and thwarted, even while you're sleeping.

Stay Informed

Get notified of security concerns only when there's a problem, we don't believe in spam.

Homes w/devices
armortap = peace of mind

Just because you're not a security expert doesn't mean you can't be secure. That's why we're building ArmorTap, it protects your security and privacy online. And it comes in a nice little package.